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About TNRA

Trinity Newington Residents' Association (TNRA) was formed in 1976, by and for residents of the Newington Trust Estate in London, SE1 (now rebranded as Trinity Village). This then consisted of Trinity Church Square and Merrick Square, parts of Cole Street, Falmouth Road, Swan Street and Trinity Street.

For the last 40 years, TNRA has worked to improve life for residents in numerous ways and had many significant achievements. TNRA organises events for the community and helps residents in dealing with the managing agents and Southwark council.

Please see here for TNRA's purpose, constitution and privacy policy.

Who does TNRA represent?

Newington (Trust) Estate/Trinity Village is the residential property owned (or formerly owned) by Trinity House, consisting of Trinity Church Square and Merrick Square, and parts of Cole Street, Falmouth Road, Harper Road, Swan Street and Trinity Street, plus Bedford Row. Most of the residents in TNRA's area, which covers about 320 households, are tenants who rent direct from Trinity House through their managing agents, currently Knight Frank. Some have bought long leaseholds of their flats, some rent from these leaseholders, and a few are freehold owners. See here for more details about the estate.

The TNRA committee

TNRA is completely independent of Trinity House and run by a voluntary committee, chosen each year at the annual general meeting in April. The committee meets monthly to organise TNRA's work and events and keeps members informed about local issues. TNRA is a residents' organisation. It has no connection with the estate's managing agents or owner, except that TNRA officers meet and correspond with them on behalf of residents.

Everyone on the Committee is a volunteer. There is always room for additional people to get involved, either as a committee member or just from time to time. If you think you have time and would like to contribute, please get in touch via email at info@tnra.net or speak to any of us.

2022/2023 committee

A new committee was elected at the AGM on 21 April 2022. Officers were chosen at the first committee meeting on 3 May 2022.

Chair: Tim Horsler


Vice-chair: Edward Heckels


Treasurer: Tania Clark


Secretary: Lesley Exton


Committee: Ali Walker, Ann Tyler, Jane Salveson, John Moore, Kristen Macpherson, Mary Jane Kane, Paul Sheils, Raffaelle Manfellotto, Shaun Stern