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TNRA's purpose and constitution

TNRA’s purpose

In 1998 the committee drew up a statement of purpose, specifying TNRA’s objects, as follows:

TNRA is an association of residents living on the Newington Trust Estate. TNRA’s purpose is:
• to encourage the maintenance and improvement of the amenities and facilities used by the residents of the Estate
•  to represent the views of residents to the freehold owners of the Estate, their managing agents, local and other authorities, the owners and occupiers of neighbouring property and their representatives, and the suppliers of any services to the Estate or to the residents
• to foster a sense of community.

TNRA's constitution

TNRA's constitution (drawn up in 1976) outlines its purpose, objects, membership qualification and management structure:

  1. Objects
    • To provide facilities for discussion, recreation and other activities as decided from time to time by members of the association.
    • To protect and promote, insofar as it is possible, the amenities, environmental, communal and individual rights of all residents and to encourage a community spirit.
  2. Membership
    • Shall be open to all residents irrespective of political party, nationality, religious opinion, race or colour, resident within the area covered by the Association, this area to include all the properties belonging to the Trinity Newington Trust.
  3. Management
    • The Association shall be managed by a General Committee to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    • All Members of the General Committee shall retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election.

Click here to view the TNRA constitution in full.

Misconceptions about TNRA

TNRA is connected with the landlords or the managing agents
➤Wrong. We are a residents’ organisation. We have no connection with Trinity House or with their managing agents, except that we meet and correspond with them on behalf of residents.

TNRA represents only tenants with old 'Rent Act tenancies’
➤Wrong. Now that there are several different types of residency on the estate, we have gained expertise so that we can advise all tenants and leaseholders and represent their different interests to the landlords.

TNRA members are all long leaseholders
➤Wrong. New leaseholders may not realise that the estate consists of other types of tenancy.

TNRA officers are paid
➤Wrong. The TNRA committee is entirely voluntary and we have no paid workers.

TNRA runs Henry Wood Hall
➤Wrong. The hall is run by a trust for orchestral rehearsing and recording. The managers kindly allow TNRA the use of the hall for occasional functions.

TNRA only organises social functions
➤Wrong. See other sections for details of all our activities.