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Rubbish and recycling


Weekly refuse collections are on TUESDAYS for most of the estate (though THURSDAYS for some parts, eg Falmouth Road). See here to check with the postcode search.

  • Wheelie bins and bagged rubbish only
  • Put rubbish on doorsteps or pavements ONLY on the evening before collection day – preferably after dark.
  • Leaving rubbish out on other days attracts animals (dogs, cats, rats, foxes) to break into the bags, makes unnecessary work for the street sweeper and makes our estate look very unattractive.
  • Please keep your rubbish inside or in your backyard on other days. Capita or Southwark Council should have provided appropriate dustbins or wheelie bins for tenants'/residents' rubbish.

To report a missed collection or make a complaint, telephone Southwark Council on 020 7525 2000 or e-mail environment@southwark.gov.uk


For full details of Southwark Council's recycling services, see here.

Clear bag doorstep recycling scheme

Collection day is TUESDAY for most of the estate (though THURSDAYS for some parts). So please put your bag out BEFORE 6 am on Tuesday, ie probably MONDAY EVENING - after 7 pm if possible. If you miss the collection, please take your bag back into the house, so that our pavements and doorsteps remain tidy.

What can go in the bag? Cans, tins, foils, aerosols; plastic bottles, food trays and tubs, and tetrapaks; glass bottles and jars; newspapers, magazines, junk mail and cardboard. For more details, see the list printed on the clear bags.

Garden waste and food waste

Garden waste is collected in brown paper sacks and food waste in brown food bins, both on FRIDAYS.

See here for more details and to check your collection days for all refuse and recycling schemes.

Bulky refuse

Call 020 7525 2000 for the council's special collection of large items (cost £16 for up to 10 items) or book a collection online.

Community skip

In Trinity Church Square or Trinity Street on the first Saturday of every month and collected on Sunday or Monday morning. Provided free by Southwark Council at TNRA's request. Use for items too large for the ordinary refuse collection. Click here for more information on the Community Skip.

Reuse and Recycling Centre

Southwark's new facility opened in January 2012. It is at:

43 Devon Street, SE15 1AL, off Old Kent Road

Free for Southwark residents (take two forms of proof of residence)

Opening times: every day 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day.

For full details of what can be recycled here, see the council website recycling pages.