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Landlords and management

TNRA committee members meet from time to time with:

  • our landlords, Trinity House;
  • Knight Frank, the Trinity Village managing agents
  • Mainstay, which manages the long leasehold properties
  • Goulds, the estate gardeners.

In addition, the TNRA chair and other committee members correspond with the managing agents by e-mail to raise issues brought to the committee's attention by residents and discussed at our monthly committee meetings. These matters are reported to TNRA members in a monthly e-letter, sent early each month following our committee meeting (see News section) and in our twice-yearly newsletter booklet.

Trinity Village estate office

16 Trinity Street
London SE1 1DB
Tel: 0207 407 1223

For full details, see the Trinity Village website. From October 2020 this includes a portal for the AST tenants so that they can see their statements of account etc.

Long leaseholds management

TNRA vice-chair Tim Horsler liaises and meets with Mainstay (www.mainstaygroup.co.uk) to discuss issues particular to management of the long leasehold blocks. Reports are given in the monthly e-letters and direct to long leaseholders. For regular updates see here: Latest property management news.

Who manages which properties?

  • Mainstay are employed by Trinity House to manage the long leasehold properties.
  • Knight Frank are employed by Trinity House to manage all the other properties.
  • The terms of the contracts between long leaseholders and Trinity House significantly differ from those for assured shorthold tenants - this is therefore another very practical reason why the management of long leasehold properties is kept entirely separate from that for all the other properties.
  • Both companies work to entirely separate contracts with Trinity House.
  • Nevertheless from time to time there is a certain amount of informal liaison between Mainstay and Knight Frank to facilitate - when this is possible - a common approach to certain matters e.g. garden planning, planting and maintenance.
  • In the particular case of long leaseholders wishing to have access to the gardens in Trinity Church Square and Merrick Square, Knight Frank (through their Estate office) exceptionally handle on behalf of Trinity House the provision of key fobs against the payment of an annual fee for this privilege.
  • In short, if a long leaseholder seeks information or action from Knight Frank s/he will immediately be told to contact Mainstay, and a short leaseholder seeking information or action from Mainstay will immediately be told to contact Knight Frank.

Current topics

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