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COVID 19 Resident Assistance Guidelines

TNRA Covid-19 Resident Assistance Guidelines

You will always be given the name of the volunteer who will be helping you before they contact you.

Volunteers will NEVER:

  • Ask for money in advance
  • Ask for your bank details
  • Knock on your door without contacting you first and having your permission
  • Ask you to pay for something you haven’t asked for
  • Ask to come into your home

Volunteers will ALWAYS:

  • Show receipts for anything bought for you
  • Avoid exchanging cash (or cheques) wherever possible
  • Observe UK Government social distancing and personal hygiene recommendations, where possible leaving your items at an agreed place and time

If you feel ANY of the above has not been followed please let TNRA know by emailing info@tnra.net

When you need help again contact TNRA by emailing info@tnra.net or call/message Clive Greenwood on 07507 558 636.