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Long leaseholds management

Mainstay manages the long leasehold properties in Trinity Village on behalf of Trinity House. TNRA was impressed by their work under Andy Murray in 2015 to resolve problems left by a succession of previous managing agents.

However, there now appears to be a significant decline in the quality of Mainstay's communications, responses and action. On 20 July 2017, TNRA had a meeting with Paul Stammers, the Capita director representing Trinity House, to discuss Mainstay's performance. At a recent meeting, Mr Stammers "put Mainstay on notice that if they did not improve to our satisfaction they would be replaced".

As at September 2017 Capita is now having fortnightly meetings with Mainstay to review their performance against a spreadsheet of outstanding actions, which TNRA will see in case we have comments or additional items to suggest. Despite the closer interest that Capita is taking in Mainstay's performance, however, there are few signs of a marked improvement in Mainstay's communications with long leaseholders.