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Long leaseholds management updates

Mainstay manages the long leasehold properties in Trinity Village on behalf of Trinity House.

November 2018

Jacob Saddington will be on paternity leave till the end of November. Until he is back at work Penelope Harris will be looking after things. Contact her or Adeel Akhtar (adeelakhtar@mainstaygroup.co.uk) on 07736 457 483 if necessary on any significant matters.

September 2018

Latest management meeting

Our regular bi-annual meeting with Mainstay took place on 8th August and was attended by seven TNRA members.  All those who were there attested in general to the continuing improvement in service and response times provided by Jacob Saddington (email Jacob.saddington@mainstaygroup.co.uk).  This overall satisfaction is also mirrored by the fact that over the past six months only one or two people have contacted me concerning any significant unresolved issues.  Other signs of the good progress that Jacob and his team have managed to maintain are that:

(a) as at the date of the August meeting there were only six or seven active items on the August Mainstay action progress-checking chart, compared to almost thirty in July 2017

(b) Mainstay have issued various informative and useful circulars concerning the proper disposal of household refuse, the care of common parts and other matters relating to the need for all long leaseholders to be considerate residents;

(c) Jacob plans to start issuing an occasional newsletter to long leaseholders in the context of providing and maintaining a useful general communication service to us all.

Significant meeting matters

Aside from various issues affecting two specific blocks these comprised the following:

  • audited accounts for the year ending December 2017.  These show under-expenditure against budget for some of the blocks - the relevant sums involved will therefore be off-set against costs in the current year;
  • sound-proofing and noisy neighbour problems;
  • the need for close liaison between Mainstay’s gardening contractor, Begum, and Greenmantle (who take care of the gardens in Merrick Square and Trinity Church Square) to ensure a sensible and Estate-wide approach to planting, pruning and regular maintenance.

If anyone would like to see a copy of the Meeting Minutes please send a request to me at t.horsler@gmail.com.

Next liaison meeting

This will take place towards the end of November/beginning of December.

Tim Horsler

December 2017

TNRA have just held their autumn liaison meeting with Mainstay.

Following the introduction by Capita in June of a fortnightly (now monthly) meeting with Mainstay to ensure a significant improvement in the timely and efficient handling of all requested and required action, Mainstay’s performance appears to have improved. However, it remains a matter of concern that they have still not yet brought to a satisfactory conclusion various long-outstanding works, investigations and action concerning three particular properties. They also still regularly fail to meet their own 48-hour response time protocol to phone calls, letters and emails.  Aside from stressing to Mainstay once again the importance of their always providing regular and effective updates on agreed action, we have therefore also brought this matter to the specific attention of both Capita and Trinity. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of Mainstay’s communication procedures and performance.

Please note that following the departure of Rebecca Cox in September, Jacob Saddington (who reports to Adeel Akhtar), has recently taken over all day-to-day property management responsibilities for the Estate.  Jacob’s email address is jacobsaddington@mainstaygroup.co.uk

The next liaison meeting will take place towards the end of April/beginning of May.

September 2017

TNRA was impressed by their work under Andy Murray in 2015 to resolve problems left by a succession of previous managing agents. However, there now appears to be a significant decline in the quality of Mainstay's communications, responses and action. On 20 July 2017, TNRA had a meeting with Paul Stammers, the Capita director representing Trinity House, to discuss Mainstay's performance. At a recent meeting, Mr Stammers "put Mainstay on notice that if they did not improve to our satisfaction they would be replaced".

As at September 2017 Capita is now having fortnightly meetings with Mainstay to review their performance against a spreadsheet of outstanding actions, which TNRA will see in case we have comments or additional items to suggest. Despite the closer interest that Capita is taking in Mainstay's performance, however, there are few signs of a marked improvement in Mainstay's communications with long leaseholders.