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  • TNRA and COVID-19

    TNRA, COVID-19 AND YOU • Let’s all do our very best to look after ourselves, our families and our neighbours! • Cancelled TNRA events • The good news

  • TNRA news March 2020

    Help TNRA to help you get the best AST rent review terms • Prevent crime by reporting crime! • Drug dealing in Trinity Church Square • Dickens Square Park redevelopment • Newsletter • Forthcoming events

  • TNRA news February 2020

    Significant improvements to estate office service continue apace • Trinity House positively wants constructive engagement with TNRA • At last - the new improved AST contract is ready to be implemented! • Prevent crime by reporting crime! • Southwark Council update • BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! • Forthcoming event

  • TNRA news January 2020

    TNRA hopes to build on AST contract break-through • Committee welcomes progress on pest control – at last! • Tickets for Wine tasting in Henry Wood Hall will sell out fast! • Always report crime to the police • Planned traffic routing through Trinity Village now abandoned! • TNRA’s survey of Estate Office Service Quality makes sorry reading • Please report long-empty properties to us • Update on current Trinity Village estate office staff • Architect or surveyor wanted to represent TNRA • Forthcoming events 

  • TNRA news December 2019

    Carol Singing in Trinity Church Square • Greetings cards • TNRA meets new Trinity Village Director • Please complete our questionnaire about KF’s service performance • TNRA maintains pressure on Trinity House to review current unfair AST rent increases • Ever thought of becoming a TNRA Committee member?

  • TNRA news November 2019

    Opposition to traffic proposals • AST leases – TNRA keeps up pressure on Trinity House and KF! • KF poor management performance • New Estate Office manager, new gardening contractors • Knight Frank questionnaire about Trinity Villager • TNRA Pub Quiz Champions 2019

  • TNRA opposes Council traffic proposals

    TNRA Chair Tim Horsler has written to the Council opposing banning the left turn into Harper Road from Borough High Street. This measure was unanimously rejected by over 50 residents at a public meeting organised by TNRA on 21 October 2019

  • TNRA news October 2019

    KF estate survey • Local crime • Tent in TCS • Plans to make Trinity Village a Low Traffic Neighbourhood • Autumn newsletter

  • TNRA news September 2019

    Estate management matters • Update on new AST leases • New Mainstay manager for long leasehold properties • LB Southwark trees consultation