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TNRA news April 2019

07 April 2019

Update on new leases for ASTs

Last month we outlined TNRA's robust response to the new assured shorthold tenancy (AST) terms Trinity House is now offering ASTs wishing to renew expiring tenancies. We believe that these terms are unjustifiably inflationary (minimum 3% annual increase when UK inflation target is 2%) and do not provide the long-term surety for tenants who wish to continue living in Trinity Village, despite previous assurances from Trinity House that any new terms would provide such surety. We also strongly object to the manner in which these terms have been presented to existing tenants.

TNRA has taken advice on behalf of members and feels strongly that these terms are unfair and are likely to lead to many people leaving our community. TNRA will shortly be issuing AST members with a summary by email to solicit views. This update will also be displayed on the TNRA notice board.

In the meantime our advice to all tenants under pressure to sign a new AST lease is to urgently contact TNRA in confidence:
- via any of the committee members
- by email on info@tnra.net
- at the TNRA AGM on April 16th
so that we can advise you as we campaign for a fairer policy.

Refurbishment of common parts

Trinity Village management office have informed us that internal common parts refurbishments (ie halls and stairways) have commenced in blocks 7, 12 and 29 Trinity Church Square.
The same type of refurbishments are due as follows:
- 49, 52 and 54 TCS from early April 2019
- 56 and 67 TCS from late April 2019.
All are expected to take approximately 6-7 weeks.

Trinity Village gardens

On 21 March, TNRA met with Knight Frank and Greenmantle, their gardening contractor.  In Trinity Church Square, we discussed planting in the four central beds, more bulbs in the side beds and improved paving at the entrance. In Merrick Square, our focus was on maintaining and spraying to protect the central box parterre and planting bulbs within the parterre to provide height. In both gardens, we asked for the re-seeding of "bald patches" in lawns and treatments for the grass.

Greenmantle is undertaking a survey of the communal back gardens in Trinity Village, identifying those where work is required, considering options and making recommendations on which should get priority treatment. When it is agreed that action is required, we have suggested that a hard landscaping plan and a planting plan is produced for agreement, including with the tenants.

Euphorbia will be planted to improve the bed north of 1 Merrick Square in the next few weeks. Greenmantle is quoting to replant the beds running along the pavement on the south east end of Swan Street now that the Swan Street/Harper Road development is nearing completion.

Plane trees will shortly be pruned in Merrick Square, Trinity Church Square and behind 36b Falmouth Road and 49 Trinity Church Square.

There were more cases of noisy parties, littering etc in the two square gardens in 2018 than in previous years. At our suggestion, Knight Frank's policy on the use of the gardens is being uploaded onto the Trinity Village web-site (only the access policy is on the web-site at present).

Dickens Square Park upgrade

TNRA members attended a consultation with council officers on 28 March. The latest plans for the park have now been displayed on the railings along Harper Road and the plans are also available on the Council's website: https://www.southwark.gov.uk/parks-and-open-spaces/projects-in-parks/dic...
Please share your comments and questions with Nina Chantry on nina.chantry@southwark.gov.uk by Sunday 28 April 2019.

Community skip discontinued

We were informed by Southwark Council on 4 April that the monthly skip, which we have enjoyed since 2003, will no longer be available:

"Due to the forthcoming new ULEZ [ultra-low emission zone] regulations which come into force on Monday 8 April, and the fact we are unable to secure a suitable replacement vehicle, we will unfortunately no longer be able to supply a skip for the Trinity Village area after this coming weekend."

Local police news

Our local officers are now on Nextdoor. Follow them there: https://nextdoor.co.uk/agency-detail/england/london/southwark-police-1/ or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPSChaucer

At the Community Contact Session on 27 March recent burglaries were discussed and our local officers reminded us to be vigilant:
- ensure all doors are locked
- ensure windows are closed (and locked especially during the night and when you are out)
- keep items out of view from the street (thieves will mostly target places and vehicles when they can see something worthwhile)
- if you have communal front doors do not buzz people in you don't know, meet them at the door.