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TNRA news August 2017

31 August 2017

Recent discussions with Capita

TNRA has had a number of contacts with Capita in recent weeks. At our suggestion, Capita has distributed a Fire Safety Advice Note to its tenants. They advise that each flat/house under their direct management has been fitted with smoke detectors. If your flat/house does not have a smoke detector, you should contact the Trinity Village Management Office immediately.

We have been involved in discussions between a tenant and Capita to address an infestation of mice. Dealing with rodents requires action in each affected block - not on a flat-by-flat basis. If you are a tenant and have an issue with mice in your property, again please raise this with the Trinity Village Management Office.

TNRA has encouraged Capita to arrange a meeting between tenants of 38 Trinity Church Square and Greenmantle, Capita's gardening contractor, to discuss improvements to the back garden of that property.

TNRA is lobbying Capita to make good damage done to gardens at 1 Merrick Square and 29 Trinity Church Square by its scaffolding contractors.

Long leasehold update

Mainstay manages the long leasehold properties in Trinity Village on behalf of Trinity House. TNRA was impressed by their work under Andy Murray in 2015 to resolve problems left by a succession of previous managing agents. However, there now appears to be a significant decline in the quality of Mainstay's communications, responses and action. On 20 July, TNRA had a meeting with Paul Stammers, the Capita director representing Trinity House, to discuss Mainstay's performance. At a recent meeting, Mr Stammers "put Mainstay on notice that if they did not improve to our satisfaction they would be replaced". Capita is now having fortnightly meetings with Mainstay to review their performance against a spreadsheet of outstanding actions, which TNRA will see in case we have comments or additional items to suggest. Despite the closer interest that Capita is taking in Mainstay's performance, however, there are few signs of a marked improvement in Mainstay's communications with long leaseholders.

Harper Road/Swan Street development

The work on the Swan Street/Harper Road development is moving from the demolition to the construction phase. Galliard Construction has sent its first newsletter notifying residents of its role in this regard.

TNRA is monitoring Galliard's compliance with relevant legislation with respect to the development of the site. Construction and demolition work can only be carried out within specified hours or with permission from the Council and is considered a nuisance outside these hours: Mon to Fri - 8am to 6pm, Sat - 9am to 2pm.  When the contractor works outside these hours, please tell  Southwark Council on 020 7525 5777 or online at https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=786&np=1, so they have a record.

We know of occasions when Galliard has failed to comply with its own Construction Environmental Management Plan regarding the movement of construction traffic. Again, please notify these incidents to Joanna Lesak at Joanna.lesak@southwark.gov.uk, who has asked to be told in particular if we see any more trucks coming the wrong way down Swan Street. Please email TNRA at info@tnra.net when you report such matters to the Council so we can build up a record of the contractor's performance.

Architect or surveyor wanted to represent TNRA

In the past, TNRA has sent a representative to the Southwark Conservation Areas Advisory Group ("SCAAG"), which comments on planning applications in all of the conservation areas in Southwark. This has proved a useful forum for getting advance notice of and providing input on developments that affect Trinity Village. Our most recent representative on SCAAG has moved away and we are looking for a replacement. A resident with a background in building or development, perhaps as an architect or surveyor, would be well suited for the role. SCAAG meets each third Monday of the month (except in August) at 7pm at the Southwark Offices in Tooley Street. If you are interested, please e-mail info@tnra.net.

Reminder of refuse collection arrangements

There has been a recent increase in refuse and recycling being put out on the incorrect days, which in turn is leading to a rise in general rubbish in Trinity Village. The issue is being compounded by food waste being left in rubbish and recycling bags, which are then attacked by foxes, birds and other animals.

As a reminder, refuse and recycling bags are collected by the Council each weekly on Tuesdays, for most of the estate (though Thursdays for some parts, eg Falmouth Road). Bags should be put out either on Monday evening or early on Tuesday morning.

Food and garden waste is collected weekly on Fridays. Food should be left in the small brown bins, which should be put out either on Thursday evening or early on Friday morning. Detailed information can be found at http://www.southwark.gov.uk/bins-and-recycling.