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TNRA news August 2018

04 August 2018

Use of our square gardens

In recent weeks, TNRA has received several complaints from residents about noisy parties and rubbish left behind in our square gardens. It is not TNRA's responsibility to police the use of the two gardens - they are managed by Knight Frank on behalf of Trinity House. However, we would encourage residents to keep the gardens looking smart during the Summer months by clearing away bottles, cups and other rubbish after picnics in the squares. Please also be considerate towards people living nearby and keep noise to a reasonable level as the evening draws on. Please note too that Trinity House has banned dogs and BBQs from the two gardens.

Long leasehold properties

The next liaison meeting between TNRA and Mainstay, who manage the long leasehold properties in Trinity Village, is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday 7 August in the Upstairs Meeting Room in the Royal Oak. This will give long leaseholders the opportunity to raise questions concerning  accounts, service charges, repair and maintenance needs and other property management matters. The meeting is being organised by TNRA's Tim Horsler. If you have any issues you want to raise, please email Tim directly on t.horsler@gmail.com

Width restrictions on Harper Road

Joanna Lesak of Southwark Council has contacted us regarding the traffic restrictions on Harper Road. She reports that

"one of the bollards has recently been knocked off the width restriction at Harper Road. We are confident that the width restriction is not compromised however, as the kerbs provide the physical self-enforcing measure and the aim of the bollards is only for motorists to gauge the distance between the kerbs. Nevertheless, should we receive any reports of large vehicles making their way over the width restriction we will investigate further. Monitoring of the width restriction is proceeding as planned in Autumn. We will then present the results of the width restriction trial along with the proposed preliminary designs and ask you what you think about the proposed street improvements."

Our local councillors are attending TNRA's next Committee meeting on 4 September. Traffic and other Council initiatives on Harper Road and Trinity Village will be on the agenda.

TNRA Facebook group

TNRA's Facebook group was launched in the middle of June and already has 74 members. The group is open to TNRA members only and can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/groups/136414577229843/. Please join the group and start communicating with other local residents!