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TNRA news December 2017

06 December 2017

Trial width restrictions in Harper Road

TNRA has supported residents in Harper Road seeking remedies to increased traffic flows following road changes at the Elephant & Castle. In 2016, we joined a delegation at a Community Council meeting and we have assisted at a number of traffic monitoring sessions in Harper Road in the last two years.

This September, it was suggested that the Council could be considering a road closure in Harper Road as a possible solution. TNRA successfully objected to a road closure on the grounds that it would encourage more traffic to drive through Trinity Village. On 3 November, we received an email from Joanna Lesak, Project Manager - Highways (Transport) at Southwark Council stating: "Please be assured that we are actively investigating the feasibility of measures that will reduce traffic in general going through Harper Road and that will effectively redirect HGV traffic entering Harper Road/Trinity Street to Great Dover Street or other A roads. Due to the ongoing increase in HGVs we have shifted our focus to width restrictions. These measures, coupled with traffic calming and gateway features, should also be effective in deterring general traffic".

TNRA met with Council officers and other local stakeholders on 1 December for a discussion of the proposals. The Council is proposing 6'-6" width restrictions in two locations - on Harper Road outside the mosque and at the north end of Bath Terrace. The trial will run for 8 months with monitoring to measure any resulting changes in traffic flows through the potential Swan Street/Cole Street/Globe Street bypass route. TNRA is supportive of the proposals subject to the retention of existing calming measures in Trinity Village (particularly the Trinity Street gate and associated ANPR cameras), improved advanced signage before St George's Circus and provided that any increased traffic flows through Trinity Village are addressed by the installation of a further width restriction at a site to be discussed but which could be at the north end of Falmouth Road.

More information on the proposal is available at: https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/environment-leisure/harper-road-trial-width-restriction/. The deadline for comments is Thursday 7 December.

Redevelopment of the Dickens Square park

Consultation is underway on the long overdue £1.5 million redevelopment of the Dickens Square Park. The transformation of the park into an attractive and well designed leisure facility along the southern border of Trinity Village is a project that TNRA supports. However, our support is conditional on minimising the noise and nuisance that Dickens Square causes to residents in Bedford Row, Merrick Square, Falmouth Road and Trinity Church Square.

Following an initial meeting with local stakeholders in July, there was a follow-up meeting on 27 November at which the Council revealed the "concepts"  it is now considering for the redevelopment. After lobbying by TNRA, the Council has dropped plans to move the REPA play area north to the border with Trinity Village. Significantly, the Council is now considering the removal of the REPA building and its access road, which will increase green space and open up the park, improving security, sight lines and access from Butterfly Walk.

A consolidated feedback report will be available in early January. The Council will present developed designs at the next community meeting later that month. The Council is aiming to submit a planning application by April 2018. Subject to planning approvals, construction will start in August 2018 and the new square will open in early 2019.

Proposed changes at junction of Borough High Street and Marshalsea Road

TfL is consulting on road changes at the junction by Borough tube station aimed at giving greater priority to buses and improving pedestrian movement. The most significant change is a ban on turning left from Marshalsea Road into Borough High Street. This will mean that traffic wanting to travel north from Marshalsea Road will need to take a different route to re-join Borough High Street. Vehicles will be required to access Borough High Street via Southwark Bridge Road and Union Street, or Great Dover Street and the Bricklayers' Arms Roundabout.

See https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/a3-borough-high-street/ for more details of what is proposed. The deadline for comments is Monday 11 December 2017. TNRA will be submitting a response generally supportive of the changes. We will be arguing, however, that the current left turn lane from Long Lane into Great Dover Street should allow both left and right turns going forward. We also want the sequencing of traffic lights changed to allow more time for traffic to turn right from Borough High Street into Great Dover Street and left out of Great Dover Street into Borough High Street. If you would like to share your views on the proposals with TNRA, please email us at info@tnra.net.

Harper Road/Swan Street development

The work on the Swan Street/Harper Road development has moved from the demolition to the construction phase. TNRA is monitoring Galliard Construction's failures to comply with the Construction Environmental Management Plan ("CEMP") regarding the movement of related construction traffic. Input from TNRA members on breaches of the CEMP will greatly help us in this task. If you notice cement trucks or other construction vehicles driving through Trinity Church Square, please email us a photograph at info@tnra.net along with the date and the time when the photograph was taken.

Christmas with TNRA

As you shop for presents or plan your Christmas festivities, don't forget to use the TNRA discount scheme offering discounts ranging from 5% to 20% from more than 20 local businesses. Offers are available on gifts including baby products, kitchen accessories and craftworks. We have arranged deals with interior and garden designers, a dry cleaner, a carpet cleaner, a printer, a barber and a cobbler. Six local restaurants and a wine merchant have signed up. And for those of you who are already planning your post-Christmas recovery, there are discounts from a gym, a transformative coach and even a local solicitor! See the Directory for further details. Members must show a valid TNRA membership card to be eligible for a discount.

TNRA also offers greeting cards capturing scenes of our historic estate through the seasons. Many make ideal Christmas cards for you to send Christmas wishes with a personal touch. Cards cost only 50p, with a discount for 20 or more cards. Buy them now from 57 Trinity Church Square.