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TNRA news June 2017

31 August 2017

Trinity Village improvements

Conway, Southwark Council's contractor, has completed planned improvements in Cole Street. In the end, more was done than we expected - the pavements on BOTH the north and south sides of the street have been replaced with Artificial Stone Paving. The road has also been beautifully re-surfaced. We have thanked council officers and our councilors for the resulting transformation of the street.

Work is now well underway to replace pavements in the north of the Trinity Church Square conservation area with York stone and pavements at the west end of Trinity Street with Artificial Stone Paving. Again, council officers are to be commended on the quality of the work and their diligence in liaising with TNRA representatives.

We have been less impressed by the Council's repainting of the most weathered lamp-posts in Trinity Village using funding from the Council's "Cleaner, Greener, Safer" initiative. The lamp-posts recently repainted in Trinity Church Square are mainly not on the list of the most weathered we submitted with our request for funding. Our contact in the Council is doing his best to establish if and when these will be repainted. The Council's work has coincided with the re-painting by Capita of the railings around the Trinity Church Square  and Merrick Square gardens.

Community safety

We will all be acutely aware of the awful events of Saturday night that unfolded on nearby London Bridge and Borough Market. In the wake of the recent attacks in London and also Manchester, we would encourage you to see here both to download a leaflet issued by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and, also, to watch the short film released by the police, with advice on the steps you can take to keep yourselves safe in the event of a firearms and weapons attack.