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TNRA news June 2018

09 June 2018

Rents and maintenance work

TNRA has had several reports from tenants negotiating rent increases for 2018 with Knight Frank. Based on the feedback we are getting, it appears that Knight Frank are agreeing to rent increases in line with inflation (circa 2.5%) or below. The proposal for each property will vary according inter alia to current rent levels and the condition of the property. If you are in discussions with Knight Frank about the rent for your property and would like advice from TNRA, please email us at info@tnra.net. If you have recently agreed a new rent level with Knight Frank, we would appreciate your feedback as this may help others in their negotiations.  Any information received will only be disclosed on an anonymous basis.

We have contacted Knight Frank to establish their plans for the exterior decoration of properties during the Summer. Shaun Roberts., who manages the Knight Frank office in Trinity Street, has told us: "External works have been put on hold this year.  The plan is to conduct a number of refurbishments to internal common parts.  The actual list of which buildings is still being concluded."

Improvements in Trinity Village and its area

Slippage continues with the timetable for the proposed regeneration of the Dickens Square park. After the second community consultation meeting on 27 November last year, we were told to expect a "third community consultation meeting in about early March 2018."  The Council told us in March that "we shall need to defer the next meeting until mid -late May due to purdah restrictions" relating to the Council elections. TNRA approached our councillors in May to ascertain progress. We were advised by Cllr Helen Dennis "that we will ensure that this is placed at the top of the Cabinet Member's agenda." A further update is awaited.

Work to replace pavements at the north end of Falmouth Road with York stone is on hold, with removed paving temporarily replaced with Artificial Stone Paving, because the supplier of York stone to the Council's contractor "is currently facing difficulties in importing York stone from China and requires an additional lead period for York stone supply". The latest update, received on 29 May, is that "our supplier has encountered delays in their production process. We are advised that the next expected delivery of York paving is mid to late August 2018."

TNRA received funding earlier this year under the Council's "Cleaner, Greener, Safer" initiative to repaint lighting columns in Trinity Village. We are encouraging the Council to complete the repainting of the three outstanding columns.

Our square gardens

Many thanks to the dozen or so residents who volunteered to help with our Garden Action Day on Saturday 19 May. Ahead of our activities for the Open Garden Squares Weekend (see below), beds in the two squares were weeded and several tons of horse manure were laid down to improve the soil. We are particularly grateful to the members who provide liquid refreshments half way through the morning to revive the volunteers. The day was organised to assist Trinity Houses' gardening contractors, Greenmantle, and maintain the condition of the gardens, achieved by volunteers working for the last seven years.

Residents are encouraged to keep the gardens looking smart during the Summer months by clearing away bottles, cups and other rubbish after picnics in the squares.