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TNRA news May 2017

31 August 2017

TNRA Annual Meeting

Many thanks to the 80 or so people who attended TNRA's Annual Meeting on 27 April. Aside from the formalities of approving TNRA's annual report and audited accounts and electing the new Committee, the evening provided yet another TNRA sponsored opportunity for residents to meet their neighbours over a glass or two of wine.

We are particularly grateful to Neil Coyle MP and Simon Hughes who joined the latter part of the meeting for an hour of heated political debate and questions from the audience. Both Neil and Simon have been strong supporters of TNRA's activities during their time as our Member of Parliament.

Trinity Village improvements

Conway, Southwark Council's contractor, has started work to improve road and pavement surfaces in Trinity Village. In Cole Street, the pavement on the south side of the street is being replaced with Artificial Stone Paving and there will be some repairs on the north side of the street where the pavement is in a particularly poor condition. The entire road will then be re-surfaced with tarmac.

Work has also started to replace poor quality paving between Bedford Row and the east side of Trinity Church Square with York stone. Further York stone will be put down on the north side of Trinity Church Square between Swan Street and Globe Street, the north side of the Trinity Church Square garden and on the south side of Trinity Street between Swan Street and the junction with the west side of Trinity Church Square.

We are awaiting confirmation from the Council of the timing for repainting the most weathered lamp-posts in Trinity Village using funding from the Council's "Cleaner, Greener, Safer" initiative.