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TNRA news May 2019

09 May 2019

Southwark Council cuts services in Trinity Village

TNRA had a meeting on 7 May with Cllr Dennis, Cllr Islam and Council officers to express our unhappiness with cut backs in street cleaning services in Trinity Village. For many years, our streets have been visited daily by a litter picker. Going forward, the litter picker will visit on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. The move to alternate days for litter picking took place in much of the borough two years ago. It has been delayed in the north, given the footfall, but five members of the litter picking team have been let go this year and so, since 1 April, the reduced service has applied in the north of the borough as well.

We will be monitoring the levels of cleanliness in Trinity Village under the new regime. If standards slip below the statutory standards the Council is required to maintain, we will complain to our councillors and Mick Lucas, the Council's Acting Director of Environment. The Council has previously circulated to us the Litter Pick "Beat" which includes Trinity Village. Cole Street, Globe Street and Swan Street (north and south) have not been included to date in the list of streets in our "Beat". The Council has agreed to add the three streets to the list.

We discussed the monthly detritus sweeping of our streets. Council officers confirmed that this will be more frequent in times of leaf fall in the Autumn. We will also request extra sweeping in the Spring if the build up of pollen is excessive, as it has been this year. In addition to the litter picker, we are on the schedule for a visit from the "mechanical broom" - the large sweeper van - every Monday and Thursday. We also receive a visit one day a week from the "scarab", the smaller sweeper van.

We discussed the loss of the monthly TNRA skip. The Council has one skip lorry & skip - owned in-house - for use in the borough, mainly on market days. The cost of bringing the skip to Trinity Village - in the Ultra High Emission Zone - will be £200 each time. The Council does not have the £2,400 pa required to fund this.

Murder in Tiverton Street

Over the last weekend, a youth was stabbed to death in Tiverton Street, the cut-through between Newington Gardens and the Elephant & Castle that many use on their way to the Tube. We will be discussing this and other evidence of a growing local crime problem (several recent burglaries, a sexual assault in Avon Place) at the next meeting of the Chaucer Ward Safer Neighbourhood Panel on 20 May.

The police are only able to respond to crimes that are notified to them. So please ensure that you report all crimes. Dial 999 to report emergencies, when something is happening right now, requiring an immediate police response. Dial 101 to report non-emergencies. Please email TNRA with the date of the crime and, critically, your crime/incident number. This information will remain private to TNRA and will only be shared with the police and councillors to support our case for action to be taken.

Update on new contracts for ASTs

TNRA has heard from yet more Trinity Village residents in a position of renewing their leases, many of whom have strongly objected to the new AST terms and the manner in which Knight Frank has introduced the new policy. As reported at the AGM last month, TNRA has continued to seek expert advice on the matter, whilst lobbying Trinity House and Knight Frank's senior management for a face-to-face meeting as a matter of urgency. A meeting has finally been agreed and will take place in early June. An update on the outcome of the meeting, along with our ongoing efforts on this issue, will be provided in next month's TNRA News. Meanwhile, TNRA urges residents who may have any related concerns to continue to contact us. Our AST sub-committee will assist you directly in any way it can.

Porch Sale

Thanks to all who donated items or came to buy at our Porch Sale on 27 April. £245 was raised for TNRA funds. Saturday bookstalls outside 57 Trinity Church Square will start again on 11 May, weather permitting.