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TNRA news November 2017

08 November 2017

Traffic management in Harper Road

TNRA has supported residents in Harper Road seeking remedies to increased traffic flows following road changes at the Elephant & Castle. In 2016, we joined a delegation at a Community Council meeting and we have assisted at a number of traffic monitoring sessions in Harper Road in the last two years. This September, it was suggested that the Council could be considering a road closure in Harper Road as a possible solution.

TNRA objected to a road closure on the grounds that it would encourage more traffic to drive through Trinity Village. On 3 November, we received an email from Joanna Lesak, Project Manager - Highways (Transport) at Southwark Council stating:

"Please be assured that we are actively investigating the feasibility of measures that will reduce traffic in general going through Harper Road and that will effectively redirect HGV traffic entering Harper Road/Trinity Street to Great Dover Street or other A roads. Due to the ongoing increase in HGVs we have shifted our focus to width restrictions. These measures, coupled with traffic calming and gateway features, should also be effective in deterring general traffic. If the width restrictions are feasible we will devise a monitoring plan in early December and look to launch a trial in early January to ensure that it does not coincide with holiday lock-down periods of engineering consultants. We are still proceeding in gathering some more information for the design of the public realm  and road traffic calming around the shopfront area to include stakeholder groups that we haven't yet contacted and hope to have some designs for consultation in January 2017. We are also working with Parks and Regeneration to ensure we are coordinating our efforts".

The Council is arranging a meeting at the end of November/early December to discuss "the results of our feasibility study of width restriction measures." TNRA will be represented.

Closure of police station counter in Borough High Street

As reported in an earlier TNRA News, we were represented at a public meeting on 28 September to consider the operation of police station counters in Southwark.  Currently, there is one 24/7 police station counter open to the public in Southwark, at Walworth Police Station. Peckham Police Station is open to the public from 7am to 10pm and our local Southwark Police Station on Borough High Street is open from 10am to 7pm. We have now received a letter from Simon Messinger, Detective Chief Superintendent with responsibility for Southwark stating that:

"the front counter provision for this borough will be at Walworth police Station which will be staffed 24 hours and offer experienced face-to-face contact should it be required by our community. The front counters at Peckham and Southwark police stations will begin to close in December this year. Southwark have already established two dedicated ward officers (DWOs) and one PCSO for each ward. They will have new 'hubs' based near their wards where they can change and pick up items needed before heading out on duty, rather than waste time returning to a police station. We will continue to engage with their local communities to identify suitable locations. DWOs will hold a minimum of a one hour community contact session per week per ward, for those members of the community preferring face-to-face contact".

Filming in Trinity Village

TNRA has complained in the strongest terms to Southwark Council's Film Unit about the parking suspension in Trinity Church Square on 2 November. Notices on lampposts and cones were put out after 9pm on 1 November and cars were being removed by the Council less than 12 hours later at 6am the next morning. We have made it clear that such a shocking lack of notice is unacceptable and should not happen again. Southwark's mismanagement on this occasion is in marked contrast to the notice given and sensitive handling of traffic and parking issues on previous occasions.

The next filming in Trinity Village is Amazon/ITV's filming of "Vanity Fair" with Olivia Cooke in Trinity Church Square on Monday 27 November with some preparation the day before. We are liaising with Southwark's Film Unit to ensure that proper notice is given for parking suspensions and that the site manager is suitably attentive to the concerns of local residents on the day when the filming takes place.

Once this latest filming is over, TNRA will decline any new approaches from the Film Unit for the next six months. We are conscious that one or two residents may be suffering from "film fatigue."