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TNRA news September 2017

07 September 2017

Disney comes to Trinity Village

Merrick Square and Trinity Church Square are major locations in Walt Disney's "Christopher Robin" starring Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell, the live action sequel to "Winnie-the-Pooh." The production company has been exemplary in liaising and communicating with residents and has distributed a five-side letter with details.

Filming will take place on 14 September (8am to 6pm), 15 September (12pm to 10pm) and 16 September (12pm to 10pm), with permission given for an extended curfew until midnight on 15 and 16 September, if necessary. The location will be prepared for filming on 11-13 September (between 8am and 6pm) and cleared on 17-20 September (between 8am and 6pm). There will be road closures and parking suspensions in Merrick Square and the east of Trinity Street and Trinity Church Square from 12-18 September. Alternative residents' parking is being provided in Newington Gardens. Dickens Square is being used for the parking of technical support vehicles during the filming.

Please email TNRA with your experiences of the filming - and any photographs you would like to share.

Southwark Council's new "Area Vision" for Swan Street and Cole Street

The Council has published the New Southwark Plan which sets out how they "will deliver further regeneration and wider improvements for our great borough in the years to come." The Plan can be viewed on the Council website here and includes potential developments for the "Swan Street Cluster" on pages 49-51.

The Plan visualises a new east west pedestrian and cycle link between Borough High Street and Swan Street via Avon Place; active frontages at the north end of Swan Street, including restaurants, shops and bars; and new public open space. It states that "comprehensive mixed-use redevelopment of the site could include taller buildings subject to consideration of impacts on existing character, heritage and detailed townscape analysis." It agrees that "redevelopment must enhance the setting of the grade II* listed St George the Martyr Church, grade II listed buildings to the south east and the nearby Trinity Church Square."

Please email TNRA with any feedback you would like us to include in a response to the Plan. The deadline for comments is Wednesday 13 September.

The Swan Street Cluster contains four office buildings - Britannia House at 7 Trinity Street, Conoco House at 200 Great Dover Street, Pegasus House at 7-14 Great Dover Street and  Avon House at 275-287 Borough High Street - of which the first three are owned by Trinity House. Trinity House is aware of the new "Area Vision" and was consulted. Graham Hockley, the Secretary of Trinity House, has told us: "Knowing Southwark were reviewing their policies, we have also been thinking about how we would like to see Trinity Village evolve over the next 10-20 years, and we have commissioned some architects to review the various options. These are now in a state where we would be happy ....... to share with you our long-term ideas."  TNRA representatives will be meeting Mr Hockley for a briefing.

Harper Road/Swan Street development

The work on the Swan Street/Harper Road development is moving from the demolition to the construction phase under Galliard Construction. TNRA is monitoring Galliard's non-compliance with planning permissions and relevant legislation with respect to the development of the site. Construction and demolition work can only be carried out within specified hours or with permission from the Council and is considered a nuisance outside these hours:  Mon to Fri - 8am to 6pm, Sat - 9am to 2pm.  When the contractor works outside these hours, please tell  Southwark Council on 020 7525 5777 or online at https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=786&np=1, so they have a record.

We know of occasions when Galliard has failed to comply with its own Construction Environmental Management Plan regarding the movement of construction traffic. Again, please notify these incidents to Joanna Lesak at Joanna.lesak@southwark.gov.uk  who has asked to be told in particular if we see any more trucks coming the wrong way down Swan Street.

Please email TNRA at info@tnra.net when you report such matters to the Council so we can build up a record of the contractor's performance. We are in touch with Council officers to discuss their response to Galliard's poor compliance record and will be writing to Graham Hockley at Trinity House, which is in a consortium with Galliard Homes, Acorn Property Group and Otterlo London for the development of the site.

Trinity Village community skip

Southwark Council provides Trinity Village with a monthly community skip, thanks to lobbying by TNRA. In order for us to keep this service, it is import ant that we use it responsibly - do not overfill it or dump rubbish beside it. The skip is delivered to the east side of Trinity Church Square for the first Saturday of the month. It is delivered on Friday and will be removed Sunday or Monday (depending on usage). If you have large items of rubbish and cannot wait for the skip, see Southwark Council's website at www.southwark.gov.uk for the FREE bulky waste collection service.