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  • TNRA news August 2018

    Use of our square gardens • Long leasehold properties • Width restrictions on Harper Road • TNRA Facebook group

  • TNRA news July 2018

    Improvements to properties in Trinity Village • Long leasehold properties • Harper Road/Swan Street development • TNRA Facebook group

  • TNRA news November 2017

    Traffic in Harper Road proposals • Police station counter closures • Filming

  • TNRA news October 2017

    Noise in Swan Street redevelopment • Filming • Work in the gardens • Long leaseholder update

  • TNRA news September 2017

    Disney comes to Trinity Village • Southwark Council's new "Area Vision" for Swan Street and Cole Street • Harper Road/Swan Street development – continuing problems

  • TNRA news August 2017

    Discussions with Capita about fire safety, mice and gardens • Poor performance by Mainstay for long leaseholders • Swan Street/Harper Road redevelopment: problems with traffic and noise

  • TNRA news July 2017

    TNRA helps assured tenants to minimise rent increases • Key fob entry system for entry to square gardens is introduced • Consultation on redevelopment of Dickens Square begins

  • TNRA news June 2017

    Southwark Council completes improvements in Cole Street: pavements replaced and road resurfaced • Replacement of pavements on north side of TCS with York stone begins and TNRA thanks the council for the quality of the work • Capita repaints railings round the gardens in both squares

  • TNRA news May 2017

    TNRA's annual general meeting held on 27 April • Ahead of the General Election, Neil Coyle MP and former MP Simon Hughes address the meeting