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  • TNRA and COVID-19

    TNRA, COVID-19 AND YOU • Let’s all do our very best to look after ourselves, our families and our neighbours! • Cancelled TNRA events • The good news

  • TNRA news March 2020

    Help TNRA to help you get the best AST rent review terms • Prevent crime by reporting crime! • Drug dealing in Trinity Church Square • Dickens Square Park redevelopment • Newsletter • Forthcoming events

  • TNRA news February 2020

    Significant improvements to estate office service continue apace • Trinity House positively wants constructive engagement with TNRA • At last - the new improved AST contract is ready to be implemented! • Prevent crime by reporting crime! • Southwark Council update • BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! • Forthcoming event