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TNRA news September 2018

08 September 2018

Improvements to Trinity Village and the surrounding area

Southwark Council has published the delayed report on the second consultation on the redevelopment of the Dickens Square Park. The Council has now decided to develop a design for the new park with the current REPA park building removed. The existing playground will also be removed and replaced with a new playground that meets modern standards. The redesign of the park will be more coordinated with schemes to improve Harper Road in relation to the park's entrance on Harper Road. A third consultation meeting is scheduled to take place on 30 October from 7.15pm to 8.45pm at the Rockingham Community Centre. It will be a combined consultation with the Harper Road Improvements scheme. There will also be an online questionnaire.  
Monitoring of the width restriction in Harper Road will proceed as planned in the Autumn taking into account a three-month bedding-in period and school holidays. TNRA will be particularly concerned about any data that suggests the width restriction has increased traffic flows through Trinity Village. Formal consultation on a traffic order is planned for Winter 2018/19 with final decisions on the width restriction being made in Spring 2019.
Following a meeting between TNRA and Council officers on 17 August, work has resumed on replacing the pavements in Falmouth Road with York stone.   

Long leaseholder news

We are pleased to report that the collective enfranchisement of 4-6 Trinity Church Square completed on 31 August. The long leaseholders now own the freehold of their building and have full control over the way in which their building is managed and maintained. This action was driven by leaseholders' extreme frustration with Trinity House's serial mismanagement of their building under a succession of poor managing agents prior to Mainstay's appointment. According to Johnnie Mitchell, the long leaseholder representing Nos 4-6, Trinity House was taken by surprise by this action and seemed aghast that they were not able to prevent it despite some petty tactics. TNRA has provided support and financial assistance to the long leaseholders in the collective enfranchisement process. We congratulate them on what they have achieved.

Trinity Village in the movies

Disney's "Christopher Robin" opened in cinemas during August. The live action sequal to "Winnie the Pooh" stars Ewan McGregor. There are many scenes shot in Merrick Square, where McGregor's character lives, including his first encounter with Pooh. This Sunday and Monday evening saw the first two episodes of ITV's "Vanity Fair" starring Olivia Cooke. Last November, Ms Cooke spent 12 hours with multiple costume changes filming in Trinity Church Square, which will feature in a future episode.