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Noise problems


See: https://www.southwark.gov.uk/noise-and-antisocial-behaviour/how-to-report-a-noise-problem

  • Keep a continuous record of the problems you're experiencing and call the noise team on 020 7525 7777 every single time it occurs.  If the line is not manned, report the problem online via the above link. 
  • Get your neighbours to do the same - they don't need to be TNRA members to do this.
  • Keep reporting – especially if the problem follows a repeated pattern.  
  • It helps if the noise team can hear the noise for themselves when you phone them, so stand close to the source of the noise and/or open your windows if this lets them hear the sound more clearly while you are on the line to them.
  • The noise team will turn up with a machine to measure the decibels.  Be prepared for delays - but do keep calling the team if they don't turn up within the timescale they give you.
  • The team will speak to those responsible for the problem so long as they are still making a noise and the noise can also be clearly heard.
  • They will also ask the tenants for details of their landlord.  These can also be found via the Land Registry - a copy costs £3.
  • Sadly, frequent experience shows that private landlords often don't take notice of polite requests for action against their tenants.  However, this still needs to be done to show you are being reasonable.
  • A letter from the Council with a potential order should concentrate the minds of all those concerned.