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Planning matters in relation to the Estate/Trinity Village

Planning applications

TNRA monitors Southwark Council's website for planning applications which are of relevance to residents. We use leaflets, e-mails, the website and meetings, as appropriate, to inform residents about key development proposals, consultation periods and deadlines, so that they can comment if they wish.

The TNRA committee will review planning proposals and applications that are in or close to the estate. On some developments, we will agree as a committee whether to support the proposals or not on behalf of TNRA members. We will publish our decision on this page. Please get in touch to let us know your views so that we can take these into account when making our decision.

See below for the current relevant proposals, applications and developments. For further details, click on the application number or enter the number on the council's 'Planning - quick search' page.


The Estate is in the Trinity Church Square conservation area. In 2006 to 2007, TNRA had substantial input into the council's appraisal report of the conservation area, which was adopted in 2008. The report can be downloaded from the council website here.

TNRA sends a representative to the Southwark Conservation Areas Advisory Group, which comments on planning applications in all the conservation areas in Southwark.

Current proposals, applications and developments

For further details of any planning applications see the Southwark Council website's 'Planning - quick search' page and type in the address or reference number of the site; or contact the Planning Enquiry Service: or 020 7525 5403.

To comment on an application,, stating the application number and your postal address (the council website contains a useful checklist of the type of thing to comment on).

Swan Street/Harper Road

See here.

The Glad (the Gladstone Arms, Lant Street, SE1 1QN)

Application no 15/AP/3137 proposes:

Demolition of existing public house; and erection of ten storey building comprising Class A3/A4 use at ground floor level and 9 residential units (Class C3) across upper floors.

TNRA has objected to this proposal - see here.