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TNRA, landlords and management

TNRA committee members meet from time to time with both our landlords, Trinity House, and the Trinity Village managing agents, Capita Symonds (formerly NB Real Estate).

In addition, the TNRA chair and other committee members correspond with Capita by e-mail to raise issues brought to the committee's attention by residents and discussed at our monthly committee meetings.

These matters are reported to TNRA members in our twice yearly newsletter and in a monthly e-letter. The e-letters are sent early each month following our committee meetings. They are also available - to members only - on our website via the members page. See here for details of who is eligible for TNRA membership and how to join.

The main topics discussed in 2014/15 and 2015/16 are:

May 2015

On 11 May, Capita's surveyor informed TNRA:

This year the PPM Works (external repairs and redecoration) will be to numbers 4 to 20 Falmouth Road (even numbers only) and 22 Trinity Street. The intention is to commence works in the next 3 to 4 weeks, taking between 14 to 16 weeks to complete. 


Extract from TNRA e-letter April 2015

Meeting with Trinity House

On 5 March 2015, representatives from TNRA (Edward Heckels, Simon Webster, Ali Walker and Lesley Exton) met with Graham Hockley, the Secretary of Trinity House, and Chris Vollers, the Director at Capita responsible for the management of Trinity Village. We argued for more measures to encourage long term residents in Trinity Village addressing, in particular, concerns about affordability and security of tenure. We agreed to explore the possibility of developing "property refurbishment plans" for certain tenants and a test case is under consideration. We lobbied Mr Hockley to support our position on the Swan Street/Harper Road development (see here). 

We also discussed the process currently underway to appoint  a professional contractor to manage the two square gardens and certain other communal garden areas. TNRA has seen the job specification and is providing comments. Whoever is appointed, we have asked to be closely involved in the planning of work in the Trinity Church Square garden where community volunteers have been instrumental in the improvements of recent years. We have also asked that a professional gardener should have input on any work to upgrade communal rear gardens.

Extract from TNRA newsletter Spring 2015

Meeting with Capita

On 25 February 2015, TNRA representatives (Edward Heckels, Ali Walker and Tim Horsler) met with Stephen Wilcox and Tom Sallis of Capita for a "working level” discussion of aspects of their management of Trinity Village.

External maintenance

The candidates for external maintenance work in 2015 are 4–18 Falmouth Road and 22 Trinity Street. Tenants will be notified when the formal decision is finalised. Capita advise that work will start earlier in the year than in 2013 and 2014 and so, hopefully, will be completed before the winter months.

Internal works

When internal works are carried out on properties in Trinity Village, we asked Capita to give more notice and warning to tenants in surrounding flats, particularly if noisy work is envisaged. We suggested that contractors should put details on the noticeboard in the affected and neighbouring blocks.

New gardening contract

Invitations to tender for the upkeep of the gardens in Trinity Village will be sent out shortly. Penny Hinves and three other potential service providers will be involved. A tree management plan will form part of the contract as well as responsibility for the grass in the Square gardens, which is generally agreed to be in poor condition. The new contractor will also be responsible for maintaining the lights around the statue in Trinity Church Square. Capita appreciates the involvement of local volunteers in maintaining the garden in Trinity Church Square. A meeting between TNRA and the gardening contractor will be arranged following the latter’s appointment to ensure that community involvement in maintaining the garden continues.

Access to the Square gardens

Capita is seeking quotes to install an electricity supply to Merrick Square. Once cables have been installed, it is planned that work to install an electronic key fob access system in both squares will take place during the Summer. TNRA has offered to help publicise the new arrangements once all the logistics have been worked out.

Extract from the TNRA newsletter Spring 2014, pages 10 and 11:


Conversations with Capita

TNRA met with Capita on 10 and 13 December 2013 to discuss issues concerning the management of Trinity Village.

External repairs

The main focus of our discussion was the schedule of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) work in 2013. During the year, work was undertaken on the exteriors of 48–58, 64, 65 and 67 Trinity Church Square, 2–4 Cole Street and 29 Swan Street. Based on a limited survey of TNRA members, we reported the perception that: (i) supervision of the contractor was poor; (ii) the quality of work was not as good as in previous years; and (iii) often insufficient or no notice was given when access was required.

We suggested that Capita should seek formal feedback from tenants on their experiences and reflect any lessons learned in the management of the works in 2014. Capita subsequently sent out a questionnaire to identify outstanding issues. On 28 February, Stephen Wilcox of Capita told TNRA that: ‘A certificate of practical completion in respect of the latest works has been issued by the contract administrator. The defects liability period as now agreed runs to mid-December this year. Snags so far identified have been communicated to the contractor and I understand that some have received attention. The contract administrator is liaising with the contractor with regard to progress on those outstanding.’

TNRA understands that 14–16 Merrick Square and 20–32 Merrick Square have been identified provisionally for PPM works this year.

Other work is also undertaken by Capita from time to time to renovate and refurbish empty properties in Trinity Village as well as dealing with ad hoc maintenance issues for tenants. We understand from Capita that a dozen or so properties have been identified provisionally for comprehensive refurbishment in 2014/15. TNRA will try to get more details. We should be grateful if members could share their experiences, good and bad, by e-mail at Please provide details of where and when work is carried out. We will not disclose your name and address to Capita, if that is your preference, although that may affect our ability to discuss specific cases.

The gardens

The other major subject covered in our conversations with Capita was our two square gardens. We argued that the increased revenue generated for Trinity House from Trinity Village in recent years justifies engaging a qualified gardener to maintain the gardens. Capita has now confirmed that ‘an additional sum has been included within the landscaping provision for 2014/15 in respect of improved maintenance and development of the garden squares’. The budget is pending approval by Trinity House. In the event that increased funding is approved, Stephen Wilcox has agreed to meet with TNRA to discuss ‘how best the monies might be applied to secure the greatest benefit for our client and residents. The Corporation and ourselves are conscious of and appreciate the time and effort put into the upkeep of the gardens by the volunteers and recognise the community spirit that it ­engenders’.

We are also awaiting sight of Capita’s new access policy for the gardens. We understand that this will reflect some of TNRA’s comments made on the draft policy last year. TNRA continues to argue that all residents of the squares and also residents from the rest of Trinity Village who rent directly from Trinity House should have free access to both gardens.