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TNRA and Southwark Council

One of TNRA’s main functions is representing the interests of local residents to Southwark Council. The Estate/Trinity Village is in Southwark’s Chaucer Ward. Chaucer Ward is part of Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council.

In May 2014, TNRA organised hustings before the local elections and invited representatives from the major parties to explain their policies. Three Labour Party councillors were elected: Karl Eastham, Vijay Luthra and Claire Maugham.

TNRA is in regular contact with our councillors on matters that are the responsibility of Southwark Council. These matters are summarised below and reported to TNRA members in our twice yearly newsletter (see below from extract from the Spring 2014 edition) and in a monthly e-letter.

The e-letters are sent early each month following our committee meetings. They are also available - to members only - on our website via the members page. See here for details of who is eligible for TNRA membership and how to join.

Matters involving Southwark Council

Extract from TNRA Newsletter Spring 2014

Southwark Council miscellany

(i) TNRA has obtained a grant from the Council for improvements to Avon Place. The walls at the Swan Street end will be painted with colourful murals with a local theme and a mirror will be positioned to discourage nefarious activities.

(ii) Following a walk-round with TNRA on 6 September last year, the Council has undertaken to cut back trees and clear undergrowth in the Dickens Square Park to discourage drug dealing and rough sleepers. We are awaiting an outline of the work proposed to check if suggestions put forward by residents have been taken into account before the work starts. We understand that both the Lib Dems and Labour are looking to make a major refurbishment of Dickens Square a manifesto promise for the next Council elections.

(iii) In the last year, there have been more than 30 incidents of vandalism to car brakes in the TNRA area. Our councillors have arranged an under-cover surveillance operation by the police in an attempt to spot the culprits. TNRA has asked the Council to spray Scoot on kerbsides to discourage wildlife in the (unlikely) event that the damage is caused by foxes.

(iv) TNRA has fought several battles to preserve the historic York stone pavements in the Trinity Village conservation area. In Spring 2013, Thames Water ‘temporarily’ removed York stone on the Trinity Street and Globe Street corner. After Thames Water failed to replace the stones, TNRA was told in October last year that the Council would ‘undertake the work and charge Thames Water’. But nothing has been done and a year later, the stone is still missing.

(v) At TNRA’s request, Council officers have agreed to replace the Acacia tree felled by high winds last November on the junction of Globe Street and Great Dover Street.

Road safety improvements

TNRA has supported the campaign led by Claire Maugham of Borough Babies calling on Southwark Council and Transport for London to create a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Borough High Street with Trinity Street and Great Suffolk Street. This will improve road safety for the many families in Trinity Village whose children go to schools or visit playgrounds and parks on the west side of Borough High Street. We are pleased to report that the campaign has been a success and the Council has agreed to install a green man pedestrian crossing at this junction in the next 12 months.

Community skip

Residents are reminded that the monthly community skip is provided free by Southwark Council, thanks to lobbying by TNRA. In order for us to keep this service, It is import­ant that we use it responsibly – do not overfill it or dump rubbish beside it. Here is an example of what NOT to do.

If you have large items of rubbish and cannot wait for the skip, see Southwark Council website for the FREE bulky waste collection service.