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London in the Wars walk

TNRA walk led by John Constable

Almost 40 people (of all ages, including a baby) gathered at the corner of Trinity Church Square on 8th May 2015 to begin a walk that took us through history to the river and back. As always, our leader, local poet, playwright and TNRA member John Constable, drew our attention to the history that lies beneath our feet and surrounds us and shapes this part of London.

We noted the WWII bombing that damaged our area, including a direct hit on three houses in Trinity Church Square and the use of Borough Station as an air-raid shelter, and the devastating hit on a tunnel beneath London Bridge Station killing scores of people. We also stood in White Hart Yard on part of the site of Boudicca’s destruction of Londinium; in Guy’s Hospital where the fires raged; and on the Thames bank side where earlier Danish attacks took place in the 11th Century and London Bridge was pulled down. As always, we paused at Cross Bones Graveyard, before heading home (or the pub) as it began to rain.

See pictures of John's walks for TNRA in earlier years: A walk round Roman Southwark in 2014; A Midsummer Night's Walk in 2013; Dickens Bicentenary Walk in 2012; 'Our Manor' in 2011; Mysteries Pilgrimage in 2010

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