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TNRA Member Discounts

Your TNRA membership could be free!!

Discounts for TNRA members are available at these local businesses. See the Directory for further details.
To be eligible for any discount, members must show a valid TNRA membership card.

If you have a local favourite business of any sort, let us know and we will approach them. We are seeking one business of each type to maximise the incentive (eg, one Indian restaurant, one gym etc).

Discounts listed are valid as at June 2017.

Sue Trinder 2 Penny Hinves 2 Jeffs barbers 2
Rabot ad TS Design Studio ad Edwins ad
Flavours of Naples ad Borough Kitchen ad Copyprints ad
Design Unlimited Cobblers next ad waterloo wine ad
simply indian ad immaculate ad applebees ad
Orchard ad Blend 47 ad Soho Gyms 2
Andrew Hill ad Carpet crew advert Lulu

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