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Help and advice from TNRA

TNRA gives advice and assistance to residents with all types of tenancies and leases. Here are some of the topics on which we may be able to help:

Protected Tenants (Rent Act leases and tenancies)

  • Registered rents 

Many of the Fair Rents on the estate were re-assessed by the Rent Officer in 2011. All registrations can be viewed on the Valuation Office Agency website. If you have a protected tenancy and would like advice about your rent, please contact TNRA committee member Lesley Exton.

  • Rent Assessment Committee representation

  • Dilapidations when leaving a property

  • Succession when tenant dies

Click here to download advice on succession

Assured Tenants (9-year leases)

  • Market rent levels
  • Rent negotiations

For advice about assured tenancies, contact TNRA committee member Ali Walker.

Assured Shorthold Tenants

  • Market rents

  • Rent negotiations

  • Internal repairs

  • Return of deposit on leaving

Long Leaseholders latest news>

  • Management charges and accounts

  • Reserve fund

  • Extending leases - click here to download 2004 article on this topic

  • Purchasing freehold

For advice about long leaseholds, contact TNRA committee member Tim Horsler.