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Newington (Trust) Estate/Trinity Village

The Estate is formed of the residential property in London SE1 owned (or formerly owned) by the Corporation of Trinity House ('Trinity House'), which is the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Trinity House acquired the land in 1661 from Christopher Merrick, a London merchant, for £1,694, on condition that it was held on charitable trust:

for Relieving comforting Easing & Maintaining of the poor Aged Sick Maimed Weak and decayed Seamen and Mariners of this Kingdom, their Wives children and Widowes where most need was.

Over the years, these aims have been expanded into wider charitable objectives such as almshouses and pensions, cadet training, marine safety and education in navigation, shipping and seamanship. For a brief history of Trinity House and its charitable trusts, click here, and for fuller information about Trinity House see its website.

The Estate was built in the early 19th century. The residential part today consists of Trinity Church Square and Merrick Square with the properties that back on to them inthe surrounding streets, Cole Street, Swan Street and Falmouth Road, and part of Trinity Street. The properties are a variety of sizes of flats and houses, let on several types of tenancy, see more. Most of the Estate was made a Conservation Area in 1968. See more about the history of the Estate here.

The income from the Estate funds the charity’s various activities. The Estate has been managed for Trinity House since September 2005 by NB Real Estate (now Capita Symonds). In November 2008 the Estate was 'rebranded' as Trinity Village.

The centrepiece of the Estate is the former Holy Trinity Church, now Henry Wood Hall, an orchestral rehearsal hall and recording studio.