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Redevelopment at 28-30 Trinity Street

Bedford Row

In Spring 2012, when the picture below was taken, the development was nearly finished. It was decided to call the new houses Bedford Row, after Francis Bedford, the architect of the church in Trinity Church Square. The block of flats is 28 and 30 Trinity Street.

Spot the difference!

Bedford Row itselfTCS not Bedford Row

Which is the new block and which is Trinity Church Square?

Perhaps easy enough to tell now, when 28-30 Trinity Street looks new (and the lack of chimney stacks is a clue). But will it be so clear a few decades hence?

History of the development 2009–2011

The builders

Denne Construction have been awarded a 72-week contract to build flats and house on this site. Contact them on 01795 434700. To download their first newsletter of December 2009, click here.

News from TNRA 19 December 2009

A few men have been around the north of the building site, playing loud radio music, repainting the fence and putting up some scaffolding, also some surveying and new spray painted marks on walls............. Obviously no one from the developers or Metro the demolition company had passed on the key to the barricaded street part of the site. The new builders secured the pavement by removing the padlocks and fixing the doors permanently shut. This meant no access to electricity or BT if any resident had problems. Luckily one of the builders was caught vaulting over the wall as they were about to leave. He informed me work would begin in earnest in February and as TNRA has a key to the removed padlocks he re-instated them and dropped the key back. So NB and TNRA still have access to the pavement utilities if you need this.

September 2010

Work has finally started on the site. To download Denne Construction's second newsletter, click here. Any enquiries about the project should be addressed to the contracts manager, Patrick Leyden, on 01795 434700.

December 2010

To download the third newsletter, click here.

TNRA newsletter, March 2011

Ali Walker writes:

The spring has arrived and with it the relentless growth upwards of the new homes at the centre of our estate. The building at the southern end has reached 1st floor level and again at the southern end, I am just about to lose the air and space and view I have had for 20 years.

On the whole the building works under the management of Pat Layden are going well and Denne have been very responsive to the inevitable problems that have arisen. TNRA has helped to resolve the issues that have come up. The main problems have been: waiting cement lorries, rubbish collection hiccups in the back lane, and oversailing crane problems.

There are still annoying rubbish collection issues. Southwark Council at one moment removing all our bins. This is especially irritating as we spent a lot of time discussing this at the planning stage as TNRA predicted there would be problems.

The unpredictable one was the oversailing crane. Suddenly three houses in Merrick Square not only had a huge crane tower looming over them but the arm is not in use, so loose and swinging in the wind, it swings worryingly over their gardens. TNRA helped initially with getting Denne and the managing agents to take the problem seriously and we are pleased that eventually acceptable compensation has been awarded to the tenants from the developers.

April 2011

To download the fourth Denne newsletter, click here

Construction progress

Thanks to Denne Construction, Ali Walker and Sheila Pennant Jones for pictures of work on the site.

28 30 Dec 2010 SPJ 28 30 Jan 2011 SPJ Denne building Feb 2011 1
Denne building Feb 2011 2 Denne building Feb 2011 3 Denne building Feb 2011 4
28 30 Feb 2011 SPJ 28 30 Ali March 2011 1 28 30 March 2011 Ali 2
28 30 April 2011 1 SPJ 28 30 April 2011 2 SPJ 28 30 T St May 2011 2
28 30 T St May 2011 1 28 30 May 2011 1 SPJ 28 30 May 2011 2 SPJ
28 30 June 2011 1 SPJ 28 30 June 2011 2 SPJ 28 30 June 2011 3 SPJ
28 30 June 2011 4 SPJ