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A Mid-Summer Night’s Walk

On Wednesday 19 June, TNRA arranged an opportunity for residents to explore the world of Shakespeare. About 35 people gathered in Trinity Church Square on a balmy mid-summer’s evening and set off on an histor­ical walk around local sites associated with the playwright and his contempor­aries. The walk was led by John Constable, the award winning playwright, poet and performer.

We visited the sites of The Rose, The Hope and The Globe, the ­theatres where Shakespeare’s plays were written and first performed. We were led through the Liberty of the Clink, where Shakespeare apparently rented lodgings, and passed Southwark Cathedral, where his brother is buried. All the while, John Constable kept his audience entertained with stories about the stews, bear-pits and taverns of Elizabethan London’s riotous red-light district. The evening finished up at the Boot & Flogger in Redcross Way – an establishment where Sir John Falstaff would no doubt have felt entirely at home!

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