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Roman walk 2014

On 24th June, local writer John Constable conducted us on a walk around the recent unearthings of Roman life in our neighbourhood. Despite the rainy evening, 40 hardy residents formed the TNRA legion.

Roman walk 2014 1

Having assembled behind the Henry Wood Hall, we advanced through Dickens Square where recent excavations have unearthed evidence of burial grounds on the edge of the Roman settlement. John related tales of a female gladiator buried close to the Roebuck, the fingerprint preserved on a pot of ointment, a Roman temple, baths and a forum with a butchers', bakers' and blacksmiths'. The walk ended at Mary Overie dock with the legend of Mary the ferryman's daughter and the founding of the church that would one day become Southwark Cathedral. A Roman hunter god found in a well can be seen in the Cathedral's millennium wing.

See pictures of John's walks for TNRA in earlier years: A Midsummer Night's Walk in 2013; Dickens Bicentenary Walk in 2012; 'Our Manor' in 2011; Mysteries Pilgrimage in 2010

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