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Communication with Trinity House

March 2015

On 5 March 2015, representatives from TNRA met with Graham Hockley, the Secretary of Trinity House, and Chris Vollers, the Director at Capita responsible for the management of Trinity Village. We argued for more measures to encourage long term residents in Trinity Village addressing, in particular, concerns about affordability and security of tenure. We agreed to explore the possibility of developing "property refurbishment plans" for certain tenants and a test case is under consideration.

February 2015: Support for long-term residents in Trinity Village

Civitas, the respected independent think tank, has recently published a report on the future of the private rented sector (download it from here). The report states that: "The security of tenure available from private landlords ... is inadequate for families and those shut out of owner-occupation and social housing who are increasingly having to make their home in the private rented sector.” It goes on to suggest that private landlords should be ”encouraged to enter voluntary longer-term arrangements with tenants where this is mutually attractive”. The report includes detailed proposals to "introduce indefinite leases as the norm” and "restrict in-tenancy rent increases to an index-linked ceiling.” 

We have sent the report to Trinity House, asking them to consider applying its recommendations in Trinity Village. We have accompanied the report with the findings of a survey undertaken by TNRA among ASTs in Merrick Square which shows that the majority of tenants are worried their lease may not be renewed or their rent increased to an unaffordable level. Graham Hockley, the Secretary of Trinity House, has told us that this is a "serious matter and one neither I nor the trustees have ever taken lightly” and agreed to revert after he has "consulted the trustees”.