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TNRA’s top ten achievements (identified in 2005):

• Kept rents as low as possible since 1976
• Secured reductions in council tax banding for over 100 tenants in 1995
• Campaigned for and achieved traffic calming measures on the estate
• Worked with Southwark Council to develop doorstep recycling on the estate
• Arranged for a monthly community skip to be delivered to the estate
• Obtained access to the gardens in the squares for residents
• Organised many social events
• Met the landlords’ agents regularly to discuss management of the estate
• Monitored local planning issues, informed residents and coordinated their views
• Set up a website giving a host of information about the estate and the local area

In more detail:

On landlords and rents, TNRA
• for more than 30 years, has supported and represented scores of tenants in negotiations and tribunals over rents;
• keeps records of comparable rents for advising about market rents and fair rents;
• advises tenants about their rights to stay in their homes;
• supports tenants in negotiations over leases and rent arrears;
• is working to get decent management for the long leasehold blocks;.
• obtained access to the square gardens for residents in 1994 (Merrick Square) and 1997 (Trinity Church Square);
• is working with Nelson Bakewell to improve shared gardens.

With Southwark Council, TNRA
• for over 25 years, has lobbied to reduce traffic problems, getting pedestrian refuges in Trinity Street (1980), bollards in Cole Street (1985), speed tables in Falmouth Road (1995) and a pedestrian crossing in Trinity Street;
• got Trinity Street closed to through traffic in 2002, fought to keep traffic out of Falmouth Road, and succeeded in getting the road closures made permanent;
• worked to set up doorstep recycling on the whole estate and a monthly community skip;
• keeps residents informed about development plans and comments on major developments affecting the estate.

Events and activities. TNRA
• for many years held parties for residents in Henry Wood Hall crypt;
• organised classical concerts in Henry Wood Hall;
• has taken part of Open Garden Squares Weekend since 1998;
• holds regular sales of secondhand books, CDs, videos and bric-à-brac;
• has organised trips to France and a vineyard;
• has hosted wine tasting evenings in Henry Wood Hall crypt;
• has held Art Shows and a Poetry Evening;
• established a historical archive and exhibited old photographs, maps and information about the estate.

Communication & admin. TNRA
• with a lottery grant, published a looseleaf Fact File about the estate in 2001, with a second edition in 2007;
• set up the TNRA website, and upgraded it with the help of a grant from Awards for All;
• publishes and distributes frequent news sheets and newsletters;
• sends e-mails to over 100 members;
• runs a phone line for residents to leave messages;
• sells cards showing scenes of the estate;
• keeps a store of equipment – gazebos, tables, chairs etc – for residents and local groups to hire;
• keeps some gardening tools for residents to use;
• has maintained TNRA membership at over 50 per cent of the estate and the subscription at a modest level for over 30 years.

TNRA: the first 25 years. See here for more details of TNRA's activities and achievements up to its Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2001.

See also Annual Reports since 2001.

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